Our Vision

We have a vision of backyard barbecues, late night pool parties, and plenty of puppy adventures, all without the buzz, bite, ouch, and itch. No longer does your family have to deal with these pests or the peskiness of hiring overspraying, overpriced, overcomplicated services.

Join us in our mission to provide a smarter solution for defending your turf against mosquitoes, ticks, and other outdoor pests. We’re FlyFoe, a foe amongst flies but always a friend to you.

Brodie, the FlyFoe dog

Our Story

Mark checks for ticks

It all started just outside Boston when FlyFoe founder, Mark Kushinsky, found himself and his family bombarded by mosquitos and ticks.

One night, after pulling 6 ticks off his lovable pitbull, Brodie, and continuously swatting mosquitos away from his crying daughter, he realized his run-of-the-mill mosquito and tick control company wasn’t doing the job. Fed up with the bite marks and being nervous of infectious diseases, Mark decided to do something about it. As the current CEO of one of the world’s top service franchises, Mark knew there was a better method for controlling these pests. After visiting mosquito and tick laboratories, speaking with top entomologists and examining how other companies were providing service, Mark decided to start his own Mosquito & Tick Control company, FlyFoe.

Abby in FlyFoe gear!

Here at FlyFoe, we’re not your average Joe.

From our unique name, bold brand, and rockstar team, we are dedicated to protecting the world with smarter solutions (and being down-right cool while doing it.) With 25+ years of experience providing services on a national scale, we’ve got what it takes to transform this industry.

How do we do that exactly? First, we looked at all of the other mosquito and tick control companies. We found them all to be very similar - overspraying insecticides approximately every three weeks. So we took a deep dive into learning more about these pests; we could tell you all about their life cycle, what makes them “tick”, what scares them off, and most importantly...how to control them.

FlyFoe and tech research

We visited mosquito and tick research labs all around North America, spoke with entomologists and virologists.

We attended the nation’s top pest conventions, joined mosquito and tick associations, and even met with various pest management professionals from the U.S. Department of Defense.

What we came up with was a smarter solution to mosquito and tick control. Using our integrated approach, we combine insecticides with multiple other control methods which help us lessen the amount of pesticide sprayed while gaining greater results.

We’ve done the research, we’ve got the experience, and you’re done getting bit. Let FlyFoe defend your turf. Mosquitoes and ticks may hate us but your backyard will love us.

Mark, Abby, Bodie celebrate no bugs!

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